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Connecting Faith, Community & Government to improve life for every Tennessean.

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Who We Are

The Governor's Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives

The GOFBCI was created by the Tennessee legislature in 2019 to bring together faith communities, nonprofits, civic organizations, and state and local governments to recognize and implement best practices in our shared goal to make life better for every Tennessean.

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What We Do

Our office leverages the power of
faith communities, nonprofits,
and government to improve life for every Tennessean.

Governor Lee launched this office with an awareness that government is not the answer to every problem. His mission is to bring faithful, compassionate people together with state and local governments to find collaborative solutions to our toughest issues and leverage opportunities that contribute to the flourishing of Tennessee communities.

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Collaborating with Faith Communities, Nonprofits, and Government

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Advancing initiatives that improve life for every Tennessean

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Celebrating the good work happening across Tennessee

Why We Do it

Tennesseans face significant challenges.

1 of every 6 Tennesseans live in poverty
Only 1/3 of Tennessee schoolchildren are at grade level by 3rd grade
The incarceration rate has doubled since 1991

Let's Work Together

Our challenges are related, and can be overcome.

Faith based and community organizations have developed innovative programs that are transforming communities as they address the basic needs of our citizens.  But there is still much to be done. As we connect, we build relationships that open doors to support one another in our shared vision to improve life for every citizen.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee
"Government is not the answer to some of our greatest problems... We the people are the ones to address our greatest problems."

Governor Bill Lee

Inaugural Address • Jan 19,2019

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The Tennessee Prayer Initiative

Prayer changes everything. We invite people of all faiths to join us in praying for the state of Tennessee and our leaders. Sign up to receive a short prayer guide each day, giving you the opportunity to pray for:
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La Iniciativa de Oración de Tennessee

La oración lo cambia todo. Invitamosa personas de todas las religiones a unirse a nosotros en oración por el Estadode Tennessee y nuestros líderes. Regístrese para recibir una breve guía deoración cada día, dándole la oportunidad de orar por:
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